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A Little About Tails for Ty

Hi, my name is Becki and i am the face behind Tails for Ty

I have always had animals ranging from cats, a dog, birds, fish, rats, guinea pigs, a tarantula and now a Desert Iguana called Steve and my little Betta fish called Bob. 

I began pet sitting as a hobby in my teenage years and professionally at the start of 2018. I decided to set up Tails for Ty so i could combine my passion for pet care as well as my customer service experience to create a friendly and personalised pet care experience for yourself and your lovely fur balls. I have worked with all different types of pets and i am experienced in giving medications, basic dog training and handling reptiles. No matter your pets personality or requirements i strive to meet their needs to the best of my ability and to ensure we have a wonderful time together. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you and your four (or no legged) family members. 

Becki x

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